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Losing weight the lifestyle way

Losing weight the right way can be tough, particularly as you get older. By ‘right’ I mean losing body fat rather than water and muscle, and then keeping it off. I’ve researched this a lot, and people often ask me for advice. This is a summary of the main things I’ve learned.

Image of a runnerBefore beginning, I should make a disclaimer. I’m not a GP, nor a professionally trained athlete. I’m just someone who’s worked to reach my optimal weight and body composition. The information, hints and tips I give below are what I’ve found to work for me, and are offered to encourage you to go and do your own research about how to achieve your personal goals. If you’re unsure about anything, always seek professional advice before embarking upon a programme of exercise and/or weight loss.

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True Google Desktop just arrived

Our new Google Search Appliance (GSA) arrived in the office today. It’s a lot larger than I expected it to be, and instead of the usual ‘server black’ it sports a beautiful yellow facade with prominent Google logo.

My initial impression? The Google algorithms sure do weigh a lot…


Google’s Search Appliance