A beautiful garden

A reflection for those who need hope at the moment…

Many people are out of work and struggling. Self-doubt and fear are routine companions.

Tough times can break us, but they can also wake us up. Comfort causes slumber, whereas discomfort demands our attention.

Hardships bring opportunity for change, good or bad. The best change happens when courageous, humble people are willing to face up to fear and uncertainty, to go through it, to endure, in order to lead others to a better place on the other side.

Like a beautiful garden, the best change requires patience and cannot be rushed. To accept this is counter-cultural, in a society where hurry, ego and ‘progress’ are all order of the day.

It sometimes takes turmoil to set new life in place; like when a farmer ploughs the earth – the plough brings disruption, though it’s ultimately life-enabling, bringing new growth.

Writer C.S. Lewis expresses it well…

“When the most important things in our life happen we quite often do not know, at the moment, what is going on.”

So, to everyone struggling with life right now – be patient and take courage… things are not always as they may seem.