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It’s all about us

Image of a network of lightbulbs

How would you describe your relationship with social media?

How do your social networks make you feel about yourself and others?

What true, lasting value do you get from your time spent online?

These are questions I’ve asked many people over the past few months. The responses I get are generally along the lines of…

“I use social networks because I have to”

“Actually, I’m trying to reduce my social media time”

“Social media makes me judgemental towards others, which I don’t like”

“There’s too much noise”

“Too much quantity, not enough quality”

“I don’t know who to trust  the ‘likes’ and niceties don’t really mean anything anymore”

“The algorithms don’t work for me  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find meaningful content”

“I don’t do social media”

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The kindness mindset

“Trust me, I’m a doctor!”

Ah, the oldies are still the besties.

We live in a world where we’re taught to be cautious. From a young age we’re told things like “Be careful, you’ll hurt yourself!” and “Be wary of strangers!”.

Onwards into the world of work, we’re surrounded by terms like ‘due diligence’, ‘risk assessment’ and ‘contingency planning’. Each carries an expectation of danger, so best be prepared when it arrives.

And so it goes… our default standpoint in life becomes to proceed with caution.

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