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How would you describe your relationship with social media?

How do your social networks make you feel about yourself and others?

What true, lasting value do you get from your time spent online?

These are questions I’ve asked many people over the past few months. The responses I get are generally along the lines of…

“I use social networks because I have to”

“Actually, I’m trying to reduce my social media time”

“Social media makes me judgemental towards others, which I don’t like”

“There’s too much noise”

“Too much quantity, not enough quality”

“I don’t know who to trust  the ‘likes’ and niceties don’t really mean anything anymore”

“The algorithms don’t work for me  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find meaningful content”

“I don’t do social media”

Note: this post is also on LinkedIn – please read and interact here if you use this platform :-)

There seems to be a growing number of people using social media because they have to (e.g. searching for work or advertising their business services), alongside a surge towards cutting down on social media and other online time.

Also the positives!

It’s not all negative. Some people seem to feel positive about the ways things are, especially those using social networks for focussed activities, such as job hunting and building business connections. I’ve been heartened by the number of supportive conversations I’ve seen e.g. offering help to people in challenging work situations.

Flipping the focus

Generally put, existing social media platforms are about getting seen, heard and/or validated, right?

What if this focus was flipped, and the core expectation became to use social networks to directly help others? What if doing good towards other people became our primary focus?

And, what if this was specifically grounded in the ‘benefit mindset‘, with the intention of serving the wellbeing of all, ourselves included?

Sounds idealistic?

We’d probably struggle to make this happen with existing platforms, for the following simple reasons:

  • Core focus on maximising revenues and harvesting data
  • Specifically ‘I’ and ‘me’ focused
  • Designed to be addictive in nature

Is it idealistic to think things could be different?

Moving on a step

Taking this thought a step further, imagine your online time directly benefiting your offline time — genuinely improving your overall wellbeing.

Would this be possible?

I had this thought a couple of years ago, though it’s taken the pandemic and a few other life-related challenges to help me muster the courage to step forward and do something about it.

A number of other people have since stepped forward with me, which has been an encouragement. It’s becoming a collective vision for change.

Enter MakeLifeClick

Step 1 of this vision is about bringing people together to explore a new way of doing online community together — call it the ‘exploration phase’. And — very importantly — this is a collective vision. I’m just the person who’s stepped forward to ask the initial questions — to get the exploration underway.

MakeLifeClick is about us, as a collective, exploring change together.

It’s about asking questions like…

Imagine if…?

Could there be another way..?

This is my experience, what’s yours..?

Imagine a new, values-led online community, with a vision to benefit the wellbeing of all. Would you like to be part of exploring something like this?

What’s in it for me?

It’s the question that can’t be avoided: “What’s in it for me — why should I give my time?”

And, especially for those trying to reduce their time online.

Well — my response is simple.

Firstly, I’m in exactly the same boat — I’m asking the same thing. I’m the same as you!

My top 5 reasons for giving your time to exploring MakeLifeClick are that you’ll get to:

  1. Give to the wellbeing of others — that’s the best investment you can make!
  2. Enrich your own life — doing good for others will always come back to you
  3. Grow your circle of trusted connections — go deeper on topics that truly matter to you, with people you trust
  4. Step out more — be inspired and encouraged by others to be bolder in your own life
  5. Find a deeper level of connection, direction and purpose!

You may even find you end up spending less time online, given the commitment to quality over quantity.

Starting soon

Onto the preview stage of MakeLifeClick. This will run from w/c 19th Oct for around 3 months.

What can you expect? To…

  • Be a valuable part of exploring all the above — of shaping the early-life community
  • Give as much time as you’re able — maybe spend an hour less per week on other online networks?
  • Be inspired by others and see how this might benefit your life, on and offline

All about us

This is about all of us collaborating together to explore a new way, one that will serve the wellbeing of all.

I’m up for it, if you are too? We can only do this together.

If you’re ready to give this a go, please have a read of the vision and respond to the invitation at

The next update will go out to everyone who’s clicked “I’m interested!” tomorrow (Fri).

And, in case it’s still not clear… this is about you and us, for the wellbeing of all!

Get in touch?

Fancy a coffee and a chat about people, purpose, vision, business ideas/opportunities and perhaps even life in general? Drop me a message — you never know, we may have a few things in common…