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The connection dilemma

Photo of a smartphone screen

A quick online search of the word ‘dilemma’ returns definitions such as…

A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavourable or unsatisfactory.

A problem that seems to defy a satisfactory solution.

An argument that presents two alternatives, each of which has the same consequence.

Countless commentaries and opinions have been written in response to the Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma‘. It provides a hard-hitting insight into the psychological, physiological, social and cultural impacts of social media and big tech businesses.

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This Saturday is World Mental Health Day.

Based on research by the mental health charity ‘Mind’, more than half of adults (60%) and over two thirds of young people (68%) have said their mental health got worse during lockdown (

In their words — “prioritising mental health has never been more important than it is now”.

There will undoubtedly be many discussions, posts and articles about mental health over the next few days. I don’t really feel qualified to contribute, other than being open and honest about my own experiences.

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Moving on through

Picture of a wood with sunlight shining through the trees

It’s that time of year again here in the UK. The nights are drawing in. It’s getting colder.

The battle to resist switching the heating on has begun. Just one hour. That’s if you can remember how to operate that newfangled thermostat.

2020’s been extraordinary in the extreme. We want to move on, to keep going, to leave it behind us.

But what does it actually mean to ‘move on’?

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