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What does the word ‘community’ mean to you? Is it something you’ve ever thought about?

MakeLifeClick has a vision to ‘reimagine online community’. We’re now into the eighth week of our twelve-week preview. We’re calling this phase an ‘exploration’, asking whether a values-led community rooted in the Benefit Mindset is something people might be interested in being a part of longer term.

Note: this post is also on LinkedIn – please read and interact here if you use this platform :-)

People need a reason

Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned so far is people need a reason to belong to a community – a sense of personal purpose behind contributing and participating. Otherwise what’s the point, right?

MakeLifeClick’s two biggest challenges have been habits and time. We all have our existing go-to online habits (e.g. Facebook for some) and a general lack of time and/or patience for anything new (especially if it requires something of us).

Additionally, we say we don’t like “AI” and “machine learning” – AKA “big brother” watching us – but we sure miss him when he’s not there. It means we must take time to explore and discover new content ourselves, rather than relying on algorithms. This challenges our habits, subconscious expectations, time and patience. Bit of a vicious cycle…

Seven values

MakeLifeClick is rooted in seven values: Trust, Humility, Honesty, Kindness, Appreciation, Courage and Curiosity.

This week we’ve been focusing on Appreciation.

To me, appreciation must begin at home; I must learn to appreciate myself before I can truly appreciate others. Would you agree?

We’ve always said there are five key reasons you’ll want to belong to MakeLifeClick…

  1. Give to the wellbeing of others – it’s the best investment you’ll ever make!
  2. Enrich your own life – doing good for others will always come back to you
  3. Grow your circle of trusted friends – go deeper on topics that really matter to you, with people you trust
  4. Step out more – be bolder in your life, backed by the encouragement of others
  5. Find a deeper level of connection, direction and purpose

I believe it’s lived up to this, with people getting involved in a number of ways…

  • Daily questions, prompts and challenges – turning values into actions
  • Communities of interest, including cooking, the environment, craft, entertainment, even discussing the deeper questions of life!
  • The MLC Podcast
  • Community-authored blog
  • And more

From feedback, there are two main things people would love to see…

  1. Even more people actively participating
  2. An app!

The MLC app is due in January, if we decide to move beyond preview phase. It’s a significant financial investment, so will rely on lots more people contributing and engaging over the next few weeks!

Measuring success

How will we know if MakeLifeClick is realising its vision?

We’ve agreed our ‘measures of success’ will be…

Community engagement

Our original aim was for at least 60% of the preview community to login and engage a minimum of once or twice per week. This includes adding content and participating in feedback.

Community feedback

Is MakeLifeClick benefiting people’s lives, to what extent, and is this proving to be of greater benefit than other social platforms? Regular feedback is critical to understanding whether MakeLifeClick is providing genuine benefit in people’s lives.

Community commitment

Would people be willing to commit personally towards the ongoing sustenance and growth of the MakeLifeClick community? This could be the giving of time to produce content, help with administration and supporting the platform financially.

We’ve called these ‘The Big Three’:

  1. Engagement
  2. Feedback
  3. Commitment

Back to appreciation

Some people have said MakeLifeClick is bringing light, hope, joy and kindness to their everyday life. This is a living example of appreciation, and humbling to know about.

The ripple effect

Back in June I wrote “It’s become clear that most people just don’t have any extra space to actively engage in something like this at the moment, however positive an influence we all feel it could be.”

This has proven to be largely true. Most people are just too busy with other things to give time to something new like MakeLifeClick. Without commitment to get actively involved, a community like this can’t gain traction, beyond just providing content e.g. the podcast.

I acknowledge and respect this and am proud to have been able to build and launch the preview – to be bold in this respect – even if the life of MakeLifeClick ends up being short. It’s already had a positive impact, the effects of which may ripple outwards to become something bigger elsewhere. I love this thought.

Head over to MakeLifeClick to read more and to get involved. There’s still time!

Before you go… I was pleased to talk with Matt Fox about the power of courage for this week’s podcast episode – it releases Sunday morning UK time…