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Is there more to social than this?

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Do you reach for your phone at the merest opportunity?

Walk into a lift – phone. In a queue – phone. In a traffic jam – ahem.

And, when you reach for your phone, what’s your motivation?

For me, the honest answer’s typically “because it’s there”.

Have you ever tried leaving your phone untouched, unless you actually get a call or a message? It’s painful, right? The allure is so strong.

How about deliberately leaving your phone at home when you go out for a walk? Unthinkable.

Our phone has become our shield from the physical world – our pacifier, our safety net, and our way of avoiding boredom, introspection, or simply other people. Also a way to get that all-too-tempting dopamine hit – the ‘reward’ of just checking.

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“Career” – time to move on

What comes to mind when you think about the word ‘career’? Money, security, achievement, progress?

It seems there’s a shift happening; a change in the way we view the world of work. In many respects it’s being driven by the younger generations. Where we once sought hierarchy, respect and a job for life, they seek collaboration, trust and meaning. Gone are the days where you’re respected because of the ‘label’ you wear. It’s all about actions now. Terms like “servant leadership” are becoming commonplace, with people seeking empowered, values-led working environments.

More generally, the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown living, global warming and other national and international concerns have caused many of us, young and old, to stop and question who we are, where we’re headed and what we value most in life.

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Where next?

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What does the word ‘community’ mean to you? Is it something you’ve ever thought about?

MakeLifeClick has a vision to ‘reimagine online community’. We’re now into the eighth week of our twelve-week preview. We’re calling this phase an ‘exploration’, asking whether a values-led community rooted in the Benefit Mindset is something people might be interested in being a part of longer term.

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