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Music: Hold On

Another musical blast from the past today, with a song I originally wrote back in 2002 for good friends Si and Sarah.

At that time I was living in a small flat next to a busy train line, and recall having to take regular breaks in recording to allow the carriages to pass. The recording below was tracked a couple of years later (2004), during the first year of Twill Media. I was busy learning ProTools, and spending every possible spare minute recording. Seems like an age ago.

Here’s track ‘Hold On‘ from my 2004 album ‘Coffee Cups & Pick Me Ups‘, written by me and sung by Chloe Overton from Hatful of Rain.

[mp3j track=”Tim Jameson – Hold On.mp3″ volslider=”y” flip=”y”]
And here’s an acoustic version recorded in my lounge…

[mp3j track=”Tim Jameson – Hold On (Acoustic).mp3″ volslider=”y” flip=”y”]
Words and music copyright © Tim Jameson 2002

Music: This Merry Go-Round

Those who knew me in 2004 will remember the time I was faced with a difficult choice. Following success in a Radio 2 songwriting competition, I was encouraged to move to London and start working the music scene as a singer-songwriter. At the time I was performing and recording music a lot, enjoying the fringes of success as a recognised musician.

Well, as is always the case, the chances of making it as a musician are never guaranteed, and I ended up taking the difficult decision to stay in Brighton and maintain songwriting and performing as a happy past-time. Over the intervening years I’ve ended up writing less and less, and the beloved guitar now rarely gets played. I even sold my SPL Channel One last week.

Yesterday I was talking with a colleague about my writing/recording past, which got me listening to a few of my old records. I really like the idea of writing again, if I can find space and motivation. In the meantime I thought I’d post a few of my old recordings across the next few weeks – hey, call it nostalgia.

Here’s downbeat song ‘This Merry Go-Round‘ from my 2002 album ‘Momentary Fairytale‘…

[mp3j track=”Tim Jameson – This Merry Go-Round.mp3″ volslider=”y” flip=”y”]

Words and music copyright © Tim Jameson 2002

Music: If Not Now When…

I’ve long been a fan of the singer/songwriting duo Turin Brakes. In new documentary ‘If not now when’, lead singer Olly Knights talks candidly about his struggle with writer’s block, and the eventual creation of his new solo album.

It’s been beautifully directed/shot/edited by Philip Bloom, and I really enjoyed the articulate insights Olly gives into his writing process…