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Out for a walk down on Eastbourne promenade this afternoon I caught this localised rain rushing across the sea. Beautiful to see – shame I only had my phone to use as a camera…

Rain falling onto the sea

Carrot Stick

Getting subjects to relax in front of the camera can be difficult at the best of times, but with kids it’s often impossible. Even getting them to stay still can be a challenge, let alone to look at the camera.

This is E, who insisted upon eating a carrot stick during the 20 seconds of time she graciously made available from her busy schedule.

E eating a carrot stick

Setup as follows:
2 x 60cm softboxes, 1 each side of subject with 430EX II speedlights
1 x Octabox out front, providing fill with 580EX II speedlight
5D MK2, ISO100, 70mm, f/8, 160th exposure

Lighting diagram

Created using lightingdiagram.com

Look Closer

I love experimenting with light and the endless opportunities to cast a ‘different light’ on frequently photographed subjects.

Tonight I braved sub-zero temperatures to take camera and tripod down to Hove promenade during the magical 10 minutes before complete darkness. After a few test shots I found a setup that achieved the effect I was after (look closer, there’s someone there)…

Setup as follows: 5D MK2, ISO100, 24mm, f/8, 15sec exposure, ‘tungsten’ white balance

Picture of beach huts on Hove promenade with deep blue sky

Look Closer

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