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Look Closer

I love experimenting with light and the endless opportunities to cast a ‘different light’ on frequently photographed subjects.

Tonight I braved sub-zero temperatures to take camera and tripod down to Hove promenade during the magical 10 minutes before complete darkness. After a few test shots I found a setup that achieved the effect I was after (look closer, there’s someone there)…

Setup as follows: 5D MK2, ISO100, 24mm, f/8, 15sec exposure, ‘tungsten’ white balance

Picture of beach huts on Hove promenade with deep blue sky

Look Closer

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Light / Candle Flame

Last night was number nine of the Beach Hut Advent Calendars on Brighton & Hove seafront, and this time it was St Luke’s Prestonville’s turn to create a display.

The theme was ‘light / candle flame’; we created a display in hut #395 based around an olympic torch, kindly loaned to us by Mark Jago. Lots of people turned out to brave the cold – there’s something quite special about wrapping up warm and venturing down to the seafront after dark for a sing-song and mulled wine…

A beach hut decorate with lights and candles

9th December – Beach Hut #395

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Reflections of Hove

Winter, with its short days, represents a great opportunity to practice shooting long exposures. The early sunset, coupled with the Christmas atmosphere, makes December an opportune time to create some interesting work.

There was almost no breeze last night, meaning the surface of Hove Lagoon was like a mirror. I pitched my tripod on the southern side and used a wide angle lens to capture a long stretch of houses, streetlights and cars, all perfectly reflected in the water.

Setup as follows: 5D MK2, ISO100, 24mm, f/8, 30sec exposure

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