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New beginnings, new music

New Beginnings

“Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It’s something I don’t feel like I really control.” ~ Tracy Chapman

I love this quote from Tracy Chapman and just wish I had more time to concentrate on my top passion in life – music production and songwriting.

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Music: Hold On

Another musical blast from the past today, with a song I originally wrote back in 2002 for good friends Si and Sarah.

At that time I was living in a small flat next to a busy train line, and recall having to take regular breaks in recording to allow the carriages to pass. The recording below was tracked a couple of years later (2004), during the first year of Twill Media. I was busy learning ProTools, and spending every possible spare minute recording. Seems like an age ago.

Here’s track ‘Hold On‘ from my 2004 album ‘Coffee Cups & Pick Me Ups‘, written by me and sung by Chloe Overton from Hatful of Rain.

[mp3j track=”Tim Jameson – Hold On.mp3″ volslider=”y” flip=”y”]
And here’s an acoustic version recorded in my lounge…

[mp3j track=”Tim Jameson – Hold On (Acoustic).mp3″ volslider=”y” flip=”y”]
Words and music copyright © Tim Jameson 2002

Music: This Merry Go-Round

Those who knew me in 2004 will remember the time I was faced with a difficult choice. Following success in a Radio 2 songwriting competition, I was encouraged to move to London and start working the music scene as a singer-songwriter. At the time I was performing and recording music a lot, enjoying the fringes of success as a recognised musician.

Well, as is always the case, the chances of making it as a musician are never guaranteed, and I ended up taking the difficult decision to stay in Brighton and maintain songwriting and performing as a happy past-time. Over the intervening years I’ve ended up writing less and less, and the beloved guitar now rarely gets played. I even sold my SPL Channel One last week.

Yesterday I was talking with a colleague about my writing/recording past, which got me listening to a few of my old records. I really like the idea of writing again, if I can find space and motivation. In the meantime I thought I’d post a few of my old recordings across the next few weeks – hey, call it nostalgia.

Here’s downbeat song ‘This Merry Go-Round‘ from my 2002 album ‘Momentary Fairytale‘…

[mp3j track=”Tim Jameson – This Merry Go-Round.mp3″ volslider=”y” flip=”y”]

Words and music copyright © Tim Jameson 2002