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Health over wealth: the future of social media

Health over wealth

There are some interesting conversations happening right now around the future of social media and online communities.

Documentaries like “The Social Dilemma” have increased people’s awareness of what goes on behind the scenes, creating questions about the future.

Additionally, the C-19 pandemic, lockdown living, global warming and other national and international concerns have caused many of us to stop and question who we are and what we value most in life.

Change is in the air.

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Apple Watch or Pebble Time?


I’ve long been an early adopter of new technology. Ever since the purchase of an Amstrad CPC464 back in the 1980s, I’ve been intrigued and fascinated by the advancement of electronics, and what comes next.

Coupled with this fascination is the want to test and review select products ahead of the crowds, particularly those I believe could be of genuine use in everyday life.

Most recently, I’ve been testing a number of new fitness trackers and smartwatches, and asking “are they really worth it, and which one’s the best?”.

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